Grace Maier Photography

Step into the world of photography as envisioned by Grace Maier, a realm where each image narrates its own profound story. With over a decade of experience in the fashion business as a producer, publisher, and editor-in-chief, Grace has gained a unique insight into the fashion industry. These experiences have ignited her deep passion for visual language, leading her from production to the art of photography herself.

Grace specializes in high-fashion, beauty, celebrity, and art photography. Her ability to create aesthetic images that do more than just leave a visual impression is what sets her apart. Her photos touch the soul and tell stories, a skill evident in each of her captures. Whether it’s a quick high-end photoshoot often completed in less than an hour with international celebrities or meticulously staged artistic compositions, Grace’s dedication to her craft is unmistakable. Her work regularly features in renowned international magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and Vogue.

She takes particular pride in her cover stories for theMAGAZINE and L’OFFICIEL Liechtenstein, where she collaborates with international celebrities or supermodels. In her photography, Grace Maier strives to create not just images, but lasting, aesthetic impressions that blur the lines between art and photography. Each project is a new journey where she captures the essence of the moment to portray timeless beauty and elegance. Step into her world, where passion and creativity come alive in every shot.